From fur to small pillow - testing on a small sample

Mon, Mar 28, 22

Before trying to make the very big plaid, I tested on a small sample to see how it is.

Tags: natural fur plaid blanket sewing

Reusing a fur coat - From coat to square.

Sun, Mar 27, 22

Fur coat are no longer worn, because people tend to view it as disgusting because of some unethical animal farming methods. Here, I propose to show step by step the remodeling process of a fur coat into a plaid.

Tags: natural fur plaid blanket sewing

Things to know when working with fur

Sat, Mar 26, 22

Fur storage by profesionnal experts ? Annual cleaning ? Do you need to do that all ? This services cost money, so I introduce the "how" you can limit the fur degradation process by yourself.

Tags: natural fur caring cleaning storing DIY

Leather Blanket Carrier

Tue, Feb 01, 22

I have some leftover of leather. I wanted to do something other than a bag/wallet/coaster, i.e. typical object you can make with leather.

Tags: carved leather leather blanket plaid


Mon, Jan 10, 22

Dragon's keychains. Keychain are easy and fast to make. Plus you use it on a daily basis, while for leather bags, you have to watch out for the weather.

Tags: carved leather keychain DIY

A Small Shoulder bag

Wed, Dec 01, 21

Another shoulder bag ! The previous one was too big. This one has the perfect size for a notebook, pen, a table, my phone, and some other random stuff. Here are the step-by-step tutorial of this project.


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