Cleaning a Pencil Box

Sat, Sep 24, 22

Few years ago, I wanted to color my pencil box. I used a varnish, but the color was not the one I wanted. I decided to polish it to remove all the previous varnish to put a more vibrant one.

Tags: Box Wood DIY Varnish

Starting wood carving in the round - The Bird

Fri, Sep 23, 22

After the mushroom, one of the easiest project to run is the comfort bird. As the mushroom, we carve in the round, in other word we make round shapes, no detail, which makes the work easier.

Tags: Wood DIY Varnish Carving in the round

Starting wood carving in the round - The Mushroom

Thu, Sep 22, 22

During my holidays, I visited a garden where there were a big mushroom sculted into an old trunk. I wanted to learn this art, see how it is difficult to work with wood. I decided to start with a mushroom because it is highly symmetric and compare to animals, mistakes are less visibles.

Tags: Wood DIY Varnish Carving in the round

Leather belt with forest animals.

Wed, Jul 13, 22

This belt is a present for my family.

Tags: carved leather Belt DIY

Fox Keychain.

Sun, Jul 10, 22

This is a keychain request. Needed 2 hours to make it, without counting the drying time.

Tags: leather keychain DIY

Varnishing a coffee filter handler.

Sun, May 15, 22

Recently, I changed my coffee filter handler to adapt to a non-presurised filter. The coffee prepared with is great. However, the wooden handle was not vernished, and water stains started to appear. To prevent from degradading, I vernished it myself.

Tags: wood varnish DIY

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