Fox Fur Plaid

Sun, Apr 02, 23

I found a fox fur coat for 30€. It was broken near the sleeves. This was perfect for a plaid.

Tags: DIY Fur Fox

Carved Bear

Wed, Mar 01, 23

Wanted to try something more complicated in terms of carving. Carving in the round is easy, but still, it is time consuming and require to adjust progressively the shape we want to get.

Tags: DIY Wood Carving

Marquetry with Laser Engraver

Fri, Jan 20, 23

The art of marquetry requires time and a lot of dexterity. With my laser engraver, I can cut pieces of various size quite easily. In this project, I tried to reproduce a geometric pattern.

Tags: DIY Wood Laser Marquetry

Connect Four with a laser engraver

Tue, Jan 03, 23

Next thing to try with a laser engraver is to make box. No need for sophisticated patterns. Just rectangles with adjusted height do the job.

Tags: DIY Wood Laser

Tic Tac Toe

Mon, Jan 02, 23

It is preferable to learn using laser engraver with small project, to avoid being frustated from failure, and avoid using wood for nothing. Tic tac toe is a good starting candidate.

Tags: DIY Wood Laser

Starting with a laser engraver

Sun, Jan 01, 23

My Christmass present was a laser engraver / cutter. The setup was not easy. Here, I describe the different issues I got.

Tags: DIY Wood Laser

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