Visualizing Neocities Community

Wed, Apr 27, 22

Neocities allows you to host a static website. You can search for the other website on its main page, and follow any website you found interesting. The question is how is organized this social network ? Is there any structure ? I performed the analysis using my graph projection tools.

Tags: graph neocities social network tech visualization web

Generating your Crypto Cat

Wed, Apr 20, 22

Want a free cryptokitty ? Use this generator !

Tags: web tech blockchain ethereum cryptokitty cryptokitties

The Links are the Data

Thu, Apr 14, 22

Anonymous on my blog ? Do you think ? If I connect to the other, someone can learn about my opinion from my neighbors. Here is an example on the US political blogosphere of 2004.

Tags: bokeh web

Website Organization

Wed, Apr 13, 22

Do you want to navigate faster ? Have you seen all the pages ? Here is the snapshot explaining how the website is organized.

Tags: web tech

Managing my Neocities Website

Sat, Apr 09, 22

When you are not a front-end developer, finding the good tools is a nightmare. Here I present the different tools I use to manage my website.

Tags: website programming CLI tech

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