L'eau invisible ...

Wed, Jul 13, 22

Il est assez difficile pour les personnes d'expérimenter l'invisible. Dans l'imaginaire des personnes, le gaz est vide de tout. Cependant, c'est loin d'être le cas - l'oxygène, le CO2, les microbes, les particules fines, le pollen, ... et l'eau. Cette dernière est rarement évoquée, mais c'est un élément qui me semble important à étudier.

Tags: water arenius chemistry

Visualizing Neocities Community

Wed, Apr 27, 22

Neocities allows you to host a static website. You can search for the other website on its main page, and follow any website you found interesting. The question is how is organized this social network ? Is there any structure ? I performed the analysis using my graph projection tools.

Tags: graph neocities social network tech visualization web

Generating your Crypto Cat

Wed, Apr 20, 22

Want a free cryptokitty ? Use this generator !

Tags: web tech blockchain ethereum cryptokitty cryptokitties

The Links are the Data

Thu, Apr 14, 22

Anonymous on my blog ? Do you think ? If I connect to the other, someone can learn about my opinion from my neighbors. Here is an example on the US political blogosphere of 2004.

Tags: bokeh web

Website Organization

Wed, Apr 13, 22

Do you want to navigate faster ? Have you seen all the pages ? Here is the snapshot explaining how the website is organized.

Tags: web tech

Managing my Neocities Website

Sat, Apr 09, 22

When you are not a front-end developer, finding the good tools is a nightmare. Here I present the different tools I use to manage my website.

Tags: website programming CLI tech

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