Including more two (or more) Bokeh plot with Jekyll

Sat, Jul 22, 23

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Versailles's Floor generator

Tue, May 30, 23

Idea of the weekend.

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Tue, Nov 01, 22

Isn't it more simple to use Word-press, to publish my articles on Medium, and write book summaries on Goodreads ? Because of freedom. My data belongs to me. I don't want it to be used for advertisement purposes.

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Modifying a Latex Template

Tue, Nov 01, 22

Want to make your own LaTeX Template ? This is not that easy. Instead, getting the keys to modify an existing one is easier. Here, I present some elements to understand how templates are organized, and how we can modify it. This is not a complete guide, however it may help to start the journey.

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Demo of Baobab for Neocities

Sun, Sep 25, 22

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Plainsight II

Thu, Sep 01, 22

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