Raspberry summer tarts

Thu, Jun 30, 22

Summer is the berries' season. As they are hard to preserve, it is better to eat them directly. In a tiramisu or on top of a tart, this is an easy way to consume them raw with all their nutriments.

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Homemade Ravioli (pesto filling)

Mon, May 16, 22

I bought my pasta machine a few weeks ago. I tested it several times, and it works very well, and allow you to save a lot of time for rolling out the dough.

Tags: food recipe pasta ravioli DIY

The Cost of Pasta - Is Pasta Machine Viable ?

Tue, May 10, 22

Is it worth it to make pasta at home ? If you have some time to loose, it is often worthy to do it yourself. In this article, I compare the cost for making pasta versus buying it.

Tags: food recipe pasta cost DIY

Making chocolate eggs

Mon, Apr 25, 22

Easter without easter eggs is not a normal easter. I bought a mold to make them at home. This is better and much cheaper

Tags: chocolate mold easter

The Parisian Flan - Chocolate Edition

Wed, Apr 13, 22

Light, creamy and tasty, that does not require thousand of ingredients nor hours to make, this is the Parisian Flan, chocolate version, but you can go back to the initial version by removing the ingredients you don't want.


Chocolate Rocks

Wed, Jan 01, 20

When you eat as much as chocolate as me, it cost a lot. So I decided to learn how to manipulate chocolate. Now, I buy pack of 1 to 5kg of chocolate, which are of much better quality than regular tablet you could find in your supermarket. Then, I can do whatever I want with it. Here, if you have no mold, one of the easiest thing is to make chocolate rocks.

Tags: recipe chocolate nuts rocks DIY

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