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The Parisian Flan - Chocolate Edition

Light, creamy and tasty, that does not require thousand of ingredients nor hours to make, this is the Parisian Flan, chocolate version, but you can go back to the initial version by removing the ingredients you don't want.


When you like to eat cake everyday, you cannot spend hours for a thing that would last for one day or two. That’s fine to spend time for big occasion: Christmas, birthday, or any other party, but for a regular day, I have other things to do.

This recipe requires very basic ingredients: milk, eggs, butter, flour, sugar. No need for the fancy ingredients you can only find on organic supermarket or hypermarket.

I tried a lot of bakeries that are selling this cream pie. The regular version (without chocolate) often costs around 2€50. While it is super easy to make and not made of expensive ingredients, very few bakeries make the effort to make it correctly.

The secret is the plain cream that you add on the egg preparation. This makes the flan melt in the mouth.

Here, I propose the chocolate + black-wheat version of the Parisian Flan. Feel free to try new version (coconut, cinnamon, lemon, hazelnuts, …).



For the crust:

For the cream:


To use a vanilla pod, do not mix the vanilla pod ! Infuse and extract the seeds.

To get something less creamy, add less milk (600 g) or cook longer the egg cream before adding the plain cream.




A diagram to see how steps depend on each others.

Cooking diagram

Prepare the Crust

Put all the ingredients together.

Then, spread out the dough on a (paper) cooking sheet to obtain a round larger than the mold.

Put the sheet on the mold and rectify the borders of the crust to get it all on the same level.


Prepare the Cream

Keep the chocolate and the cream for later.

Put all the other ingredients:

Stop heating, and now add the chocolate and the cream. Mix until you obtain a homogeneous cream.

Combine the Two

Put the cream above the crust.

Put in the over (180°C) for +/- 30 minutes.

Let it cool down to room temperature before cutting it, otherwise the cream would flow out of the flan.

But if you cannot wait, that’s fine !

After one night in the fridge, it is even better.

Enjoy !

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