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Raspberry summer tarts

Summer is the berries' season. As they are hard to preserve, it is better to eat them directly. In a tiramisu or on top of a tart, this is an easy way to consume them raw with all their nutriments.


I am very used to do recipes with apples, pears, bananas, lemons, and some other mainstream fruits because they are available all the year long. For berries, I have less inspiration. They can be expensive, so you don’t want to waste them in a so-so recipe. I prefer when they are raw, as the taste when cooked is completely different.

The problem with non-baked cakes is when you prepare a big one, so it lasts for several days, the fruits can rot if you don’t eat the whole cake quickly. The alternative is to prepare a just-in-time desert, which avoids the biscuit to get wet and the fruits to decay.


The crust

The first thing to prepare is the crust. I selected a “sablé breton” recipe, where there is a lot of butter, which makes the crust crumble easily in the mouth.

The ingredients are the following:

It allowed me to prepare 12 small tarts.

You need to mix the ingredients as for any tarts. The dough might seem to be humid (in reality, it is the fat of the butter which gives this impression).

I have small tart mold of 10cm of diameter. On each mold, I spread a very thin piece of dough. The dough must be almost transparent. Because there is baking powder in, the crust would be much thicker, so try not to put too much on it.

You do not need to put beans or to poke holes with a fork to avoid the dough to inflate. This is fine.

Cook it for 10 minutes at 180°C. The crust must be slightly orange (not too much, otherwise it will have a burnt taste), but not too white (otherwise, the crust will be too humid, and will not crumble in the mouth).

When putting the tarts out of the oven, the crust is not strong yet, because of the temperature. Wait 5 minutes before putting them out of their mold, otherwise the tarts are likely to break or to change of shape.

If you do not plan to use it now, put the empty tarts in an hermetic box.

The Cream

Here, I prepared a cream like for the “flan parisien au chocolat”, with a little rhum to flavor it, and without chocolate. (But berries with chocolate goes well together if you like to try !)

Let it cool down first at room temperature, next in the fridge with cellophane on top of the cream to avoid the cream to dry.


Find a (nice) plate.

Start with the crust in the middle.

Pour some cream on it. It is better to mix it a little bit before use if the cream is too thick.

Put the berry over the cream, starting from the outer ring.

Enjoy !

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