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Making chocolate eggs

Easter without easter eggs is not a normal easter. I bought a mold to make them at home. This is better and much cheaper


I don’t really like Easter chocolate that are commonly bought for children because that’s too sweet. (Small) eggs are made of very poor chocolate that taste only sugar.

I bough a mold to makes eggs at a discounted price because it was after Easter.




Normally, you need two mold that you clips together. Here, I bought a single mold:

Male clip on the left, Female clip on the right


Making the Shells

First, you need to tamper the chocolate. For dark chocolate, its usually room temprature-> 45°C -> 28°C -> 32°C -> use.

To heat (and cool) the chocolate, I use a water bath.

Then, when the chocolate is ready, I fill all the hole to the top. I wait for one minute, then I turn down the mold on the cooking sheet to remove all the chocolate. I use the squeegee to clean the border of the shell, and let crystallize the chocolate in a cool space.

Making the Ganache

I will reuse the chocolate left on the cooking sheet to make the garnish. I mix 1-for-1 amount of commercial caramel to chocolate. If the chocolate is solid, I heat it on the microwave with the caramel (not too hot, just enough to melt it).

I mix the caramel to the chocolate, and let it cool to around 30-35°C.

Then, I fill the shell while the mix chocolate+caramel is still liquid.

Last, I let it cool into the fridge until the ganache is solid.

Removing the Eggs from the Mold

If the shells have correcly critallized, they must go out easily. You just have to turn down the mold, and to hit it with the handle of a wodden spoon.

You can see in this image the ones that are ready to go, and the ones that are gone.

Gluing the Eggs

Now, you have many half-eggs, you need to assemble them together.

For that, take two half-eggs. Put in the middle of one of these half a drop of ganache. Then, put the second half on top of it.

Let it dry in the mold to prevent the two parts from moving.

Enjoy your eggs !

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