Small backpack

Wed, Jul 01, 20

I don't wear that much my previous shoulder bag. I often do hiking, so I wanted a bag for the moment in the forest or in the mountain.

Tags: carved leather backpack bag dragon padded capitonné

Repairing an old sofa

Tue, Jun 02, 20

The seat of this sofa was broken. Plus, the fabric was old-fashionated and dirty because of dust. I changed everything, keeping only the wood and the backrest mechanism.

Tags: Sofa Couch

Perles Thermo

Tue, Oct 01, 19

Sometimes, I like to do very short projects. Inspired by pixel art, I reproduced some of my favorite pokemon using iron-on bead. This take 1-2 hours to make them. You can use them as coasters.

Tags: pearl headt-sensitive thermo iron pokemon

Protecting your forearm with an Arm Guard

Sun, Sep 01, 19

I did an archery internship. We used forearm protection to avoid the arrow to burn our skin. I decided to make a leather arm guard for this reason.

Tags: carved leather leather archery arm guard

Fish curtain ring

Fri, Aug 02, 19

After the "tree of life", I wanted to try Celtic design with knot effects. To fill the holes, I put ying and yang fish which go perfectly together.

Tags: carved leather curtain ring Celtic Ying and yang fish

Curtain Ring

Thu, Aug 01, 19

Step by step tutorial to make a curtain ring with "Tree of life" pattern on it, using carved leather technic.

Tags: curtain ring carved leather tutorial

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