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Including HTML files within markdown for Jekyll.


How to include files .html in a markdown file interpreted and transformed by jekyll into another .html file ?

  1. They must be put in the _includes folder.
  2. They must be inserted using a liquid include, and the relative path with the _includes folder.

Note: If you want to include examples about Jekyll, you need to create raw blocks Doc

{% include <my_file_path_within_includes_folder> %}

Dummy File

We have _includes/foobar.html with content:

<p>This is an inline span <span style="border: 1px solid black">Hello World</span> element inside a paragraph.</p>

And we included here in this file with:

{% include foobar.html %}

Giving the result:

This is an inline span Hello World element inside a paragraph.

Bokeh Example

Here is a bokeh example, with a previous project:

Map of XXX

Issue with Bokeh

It is possible that when including TWO BOKEH FILES, there would be only the first one rendering correctly.

This is a problem of <div> naming.

If you open the code explorer (ctrl + maj + C), you will see that the code is present, but not interpreted. For this, you need to modify Bokeh IDs so they are unique.

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