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Influencer - Building Your Own Personal Brand

About instagram.

Influencers - Building Your Own Personal Brand

Brittany Hennessy, 2018.


Book written by a marketing woman who interacts with Influencers to make marketing campaigns. Allows to understand the landscape, what she expect from the Influencers. Each chapter is splited into two parts:

  • First is about author point of view, technical details the put in front
  • Testimonies of Influencers, which balance the view

This would not help to start from 0 to 100k followers. However, it would help to manage all the levels: what about emails, do and don’t, getting organize, brand alignment, getting an agent and hiring people to help you, … So stuff that are better to know before making mistakes.

There are few figures in the books, however they are helpful.

  • How is calculated “engagement”,
  • Pricing as a function of the followers and content requested.
Followers count Instagram post Youtube video Photo / video shoot
10k-100k 250-2k 1k-5k 0.5k-2k
100k-500k 2k-3k 5k-10k 2k-7k
500k-1M 5k-10k 10k-25k 7k-15k
More 7.5k + 15k + 10k +

(All in dollar)

So, that mean if you have 10k followers and you are paid the bare minimum for a post (250$), it means that each followers cost \(2.5\) cents. If you have 500k followers, its one cent per head !

On the testimonies part, you have one section which is “On women dominating influencer marketing”, which I found interesting, as I work in the other side of the society “On men dominating STEM”.

Last chapter and conclusion are inspiring. Big stars started from zeros, so they are the best source of example of do and don’t. Practice will help to get habits: how to shoot, edit images, speak in public. Also, finding for the good tutorial / learning resources would let you grow faster than trial and error. The author highlights that it takes time to get many followers. One to two years of full engagement (posting once a week, producing content, etc.). Being an influencer is not a hobby.

Conclusion finished by Why not me ? The question you may ask you to be strategic. Being famous is part of two factors: luck and investment. There are people that are unlucky, and that’s not their fault. But if they invest, they can catch-up. There are people that are lucky, that have a network, but do nothing with it, so on the long term, unlucky people would take advantage.

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