Shoulder bag - Back and Cover (2/6)

Sat, Jun 01, 19

First carved leather bag part 2 - the back

Tags: carved leather leather

Shoulder bag - The Front (1/6)

Sat, Jun 01, 19

First carved leather bag part 1 - the front

Tags: carved leather leather

Pixel Table

Sat, Dec 01, 18

I am fascinated by LED, light and music shows, etc. On Instructable, I found people making an LED table to play retro games. I build mine. It doesn't cost a lot. The most expensive stuff are the LED, and the time to work.

Tags: arduino table Raspberry Pi LED

Repairing an Old Travel Trunk

Wed, Aug 01, 18

I found in my attic this old travel trunk. Very dusty. I repaired 2 other trunks before for my familly, covering them with fabric, because the wood was disgratious. Here, the wood was clean, so I kept the outside raw, with varnish on top of the wood to protect it.

Tags: woodworking trunk repairing varnish

Trees made with Perls

Fri, Jun 01, 18

In this page, you will find trees that I made using seed bead. It takes a lot of time, be patient if you want to build your own. The internal structure is made of very thing metallic wires, and the support are often made of wood.

Tags: perls rocaille metal tree seed bead

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