Good to Great

Wed, Oct 26, 22

What makes the differences between top performers and good performers ? The author did a data analysis over companies that overperformed the market during more than 15 years. He next tried to identify what was the key of their success. One answer is leadership. Not dictatorship. The author describes precisely what leadership means. This is a kind of parenting attitude to make people autonomous while responsible. You need a leader, but also good people. People that are not passionated about what they do doesn't have their place in the ship. There are two other factors, which is about discipline, and the core business of the company. Even if two companies are in the same segment, doing approximately the same thing (for example, two banks), these factors make the difference.

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Difficult Conversations

Fri, Oct 07, 22

Difficult conversation are conversation where things are at stake, where we know we will disagree with the other, where strong feelings are involved. For instance, asking for a raise, or ending a relationship. These are conversations which prevents us from sleeping, because we are thinking and thinking again about them before they happend. This book tries to address how to better handle these conversations, the mistakes that we often do in. The main book assumption is that there are three parallel conversations. One about the facts, one about the feelings, one about the identity, and that all need to be addressed during the oral conversation.

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Search Inside Yourself - The unexpected path to achieving success, happiness

Wed, Oct 05, 22

I was recommended this book during a training. This is based mainly on meditation technic. Even if you don't like the breathing exercise, or think this is useless, the book ask many question about meta-thinking. Thinking one level higher, how the other feel, trying to better empathize. The book present some works about great leaders, who most of them are warm people. This book presents some keys to thinks about problems and people. It doesn't solve them but allows to open the eyes.

Tags: personal development meditation leadership

Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming

Sun, Sep 25, 22

Want to play 24h/24h ? All day, all night ? This book is for you. There is nothing there about crystal ball and astrology. Only about how to take control of your dreams.

Tags: nightime control lucid dreams personal development

TV Lobotomy

Fri, Jul 22, 22

TV has desastrous effect on brain. But few people want to deal with to protect themselve and their family. How would you behave if someone tell you "you are a bad mother/father because you let your children watch the TV ?" Autodefense is to refute this fact, to accept TV, to plaid for it. This book is about the impact of TV on humanity.

Tags: tech madmax idiocracy ecology

The Age of Low Tech.

Wed, Jul 20, 22

We have been taught for more than 30 years about global warming, peak oil, wastes, ... and what is the result ? Only awareness. Concrete action are very limited.

Tags: tech survivalism ecology

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