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Chocolate Rocks

When you eat as much as chocolate as me, it cost a lot. So I decided to learn how to manipulate chocolate. Now, I buy pack of 1 to 5kg of chocolate, which are of much better quality than regular tablet you could find in your supermarket. Then, I can do whatever I want with it. Here, if you have no mold, one of the easiest thing is to make chocolate rocks.


For the inside

For the outside

How to

a. First the inside: 1. Melt and mix the chocolate to the pralin 2. Let it cool down to obtain a solid mixture (10-15°C is okay, but the fridge also) 3. Form small balls of approximately 1 cm diameter 4. Let it cool again if you used your hands to form the balls b. Next, the outside: 1. Mix if necessary the “crunchy stuff”. Avoid mixing too hard, otherwise you will loose the crunch. 2. Melt the chocolate and add the crunch 3. NB: you do not need to temperate the chocolate 4. Roll each ball in the mixture, and put it on a cooking cheat. 5. Do one ball at a time, otherwise you may loose / destroy some in the chocolate 6. Let it cool for an hour, or until the chocolate cristllized


Possibilities for Crunchy Material


There is no “pralin” for coconut. Instead, mix the (dry) coconut to get almost a cream. Then, melt white chocolate.

For the proportion, 120g of coconut for 120g of white chocolate is a better mix. (pralin is 50% nuts, 50% sugar, so this mix allows to add the sweetness without the sensation of raw sugar)

Here, you don’t want balls. Instead, put the mixture of white chocolate + coconut on a cooking sheet. Block the mixture to get a thick layer. When it is solid, cut it with a nife to get the desired size.

Then, do not add crunchy stuff for the outside. Temperate the chocolate to get a nicely cristallized chocolate. Then, when the chocolate is still uncristallized, put a mark with a fork.


The chocolate cream used to form the ball must be solid.

Make small balls.

Roll in the mix chocolate + crisps and let it crystallize.

Enjoy !

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