# Strawberry Flower Keychain # Introduction This is a simple keychain that I am going to offer as a birthday present. I used a 2.5mm thickness leather and a ring of 22mm diameter. ## Shortcuts - [Getting the Pattern](#getting-the-pattern) - [Reproducing](#reproducing-the-pattern) - [Leather Carving](#embossing) - [Adding Colors](#coloring) - [Closing the keychain](#putting-up-the-ring) - [Final result](#final-results) # Getting the pattern This is the template I will use (CC Sivienn): ![](/assets/images/keychain_flower/flower.png) For that, a keychain with a rounded shape will suit. I wanted to reuse a small piece of leather: ![](/assets/images/keychain_flower/000_big.jpg) To get a perfect match, I used a piece of paper to draw its dimensions. ![](/assets/images/keychain_flower/001_big.jpg) ![](/assets/images/keychain_flower/002_big.jpg) Now that I have my piece of paper, I can freely draw the pattern. ![](/assets/images/keychain_flower/003_big.jpg) Which fit perfectly, with some extra margins. ![](/assets/images/keychain_flower/004_big.jpg) Using a sponge, I wet the leather and next draw the outline of the pattern. ![](/assets/images/keychain_flower/005_big.jpg) Which I cut progressively with the knife opener. ![](/assets/images/keychain_flower/006_big.jpg) Giving the shape free. ![](/assets/images/keychain_flower/007_big.jpg) I gently sand the edges and cut the corners. ![](/assets/images/keychain_flower/008_big.jpg) Zoom on the edges, which doesn't look that nice yet. ![](/assets/images/keychain_flower/009_big.jpg) Where the leather need to be bent, I removed some surplus with a dedicated razor, until bending is easy. ![](/assets/images/keychain_flower/010_big.jpg) ![](/assets/images/keychain_flower/011_big.jpg) Now, I burnish edges and **back**. Burnishing the back when you apply no finish on it gives it a smooth texture. ![](/assets/images/keychain_flower/012_big.jpg) ![](/assets/images/keychain_flower/013_big.jpg) # Reproducing the Pattern To get the pattern at the perfect size, I use Gimp to adjust the size of the image to the pattern. This is old school, but it works well, and prevent from printing 10 pages. I have a privacy filter, which let we use a pen without scratching my screen. ![](/assets/images/keychain_flower/014_big.jpg) ![](/assets/images/keychain_flower/015_big.jpg) Now I have my flower pattern. It doesn't need to be perfectly clean: the knife draw will correct all the imperfection. ![](/assets/images/keychain_flower/016_big.jpg) Now, I can reproduce it on the leather. ![](/assets/images/keychain_flower/017_big.jpg) And cut the main lines + the border. ![](/assets/images/keychain_flower/019_big.jpg) # Embossing With a stamp, I draw the middle. ![](/assets/images/keychain_flower/020_big.jpg) Next, I add relief by carving all edges. ![](/assets/images/keychain_flower/021_big.jpg) # Coloring Now, when everything is completely dried, I can put the color in: - Eco-flo watershtein light brown for the background - Supershene for the petals and borders - Antic finish - savanna for the rest (and back) - Fiebing Brown edge coating for the edges. Coloring the background (on the photograph, it is very red. However, the true color is brown. Check the final images) ![](/assets/images/keychain_flower/024_big.jpg) Applying Supershene: ![](/assets/images/keychain_flower/027_big.jpg) Applying the antic finish: ![](/assets/images/keychain_flower/030_big.jpg) Don't forget the back. You can see that the top that has been raised is lighter than the rest. ![](/assets/images/keychain_flower/032_big.jpg) Apply the edge coating. ![](/assets/images/keychain_flower/033_big.jpg) # Putting up the Ring We need first to add the holes. Make two holes slightly larger than the rivet. ![](/assets/images/keychain_flower/034_big.jpg) After ![](/assets/images/keychain_flower/037_big.jpg) ![](/assets/images/keychain_flower/038_big.jpg) Place the ring (this is a stupid reminder, but it helps ... I sometimes forgot it): ![](/assets/images/keychain_flower/039_big.jpg) And close the rivet. ![](/assets/images/keychain_flower/040_big.jpg) Side views: ![](/assets/images/keychain_flower/042_big.jpg) ![](/assets/images/keychain_flower/043_big.jpg) And a final touch of gold acrylic color for the stamens. ![](/assets/images/keychain_flower/044_big.jpg) and you are done ! # Final Results This color is the closest to the reality. ![](/assets/images/keychain_flower/054_big.jpg) Side view. ![](/assets/images/keychain_flower/048_big.jpg)