# Leather bookmark # Introduction This is just a simple bookmark. I did not record all the steps, however this is just a simple piece of carved leather with a hole in it, nothing very complex to reproduce. The length is 16cm, width is 3.5cm, and thickness 2.5mm. # Step by Step General viking knot pattern: ![](/assets/images/marque_page/000_big.jpg) Next, add the hole (4mm diameter, but this depends on your drawing) ![](/assets/images/marque_page/003_big.jpg) Zoom on the carved pattern. ![](/assets/images/marque_page/004_big.jpg) Dying: - brown: Eco-flo Watershtein light brown, - Eco-flo supershene on knot pattern - Black acrylic inside the knot pattern - Eco-flo Antic finish han - Fiebing black edge kote ![](/assets/images/marque_page/009_big.jpg) Edges: - Before ![](/assets/images/marque_page/011_big.jpg) - After ![](/assets/images/marque_page/012_big.jpg) Final result: ![](/assets/images/marque_page/014_big.jpg) ![](/assets/images/marque_page/015_big.jpg) Burnished back: as for edge burnishing, but for a plane surface. It gives a very nice finish, as for the top (very smooth touch). ![](/assets/images/marque_page/016_big.jpg) ![](/assets/images/marque_page/017_big.jpg)