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Connect Four with a laser engraver

Next thing to try with a laser engraver is to make box. No need for sophisticated patterns. Just rectangles with adjusted height do the job.

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Cutting the Pieces

Params Value
Model Sculpfun S30 10W
Mode Cut
Plywood 3mm
Cut Speed 4mm/sec
Power 100%
Air Pump Yes
Params Value
Model Sculpfun S30 10W
Mode Engraving
Plywood 3mm
Cut Speed 200mm/sec
Power 100%
Air Pump No

Designing and cutting the pieces takes some time.

Try the assembly without gluing.

To avoid getting dark borders, I will use some marquetery sheet to cover the plywood.

I just need to cut it as the plywood, without changes.

This wood is very thing and must be manipulated carefully

Mounting the box to see if everything OK.

We need to glue the thin sheets to the plywood. Afterwards, it would have been better to glue the structure and after the covering sheets: because of the glue, the pieces couldn’t match correctly as before.

The thin wood is a full rectangle.

You can see the before / after varnish color.

I use a few books to be sure that everything is glued together.

Now, the coins. I used two plywoods, one a little bit darker than the other, and drawed a specific pattern on.

I got one unresolved issue with the laser. As the laser heat after starting, it seems that it reaches its max temperature. However, this burn the wood. As an example, here are 5 coins cutted on the same plywood during the same pass. The first are not burned while the last are quite dark.

With a little bit of sanding, everything is (almost) okay.

Next, varnish on it.


With some coins in

The box is designed with a rail so the grid is slided in the box.

Now, everything is clean.

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