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Varnishing a coffee filter handler.

Recently, I changed my coffee filter handler to adapt to a non-presurised filter. The coffee prepared with is great. However, the wooden handle was not vernished, and water stains started to appear. To prevent from degradading, I vernished it myself.

Steps You Need to Follow:

  1. Protect the part that do not need to be varnished (i.e. the metal)
  2. Polish with a large, then a fine grain (80 -> 120 -> 180) to get a very soft texture
  3. Clean the dust
  4. Apply the first layer of varnish
  5. Wait for the recommended time
  6. Polish with a fine grain (180) to remove the excess of varnish (if any) and allow the next layer to stick to the previous layer.
  7. Clean the varnish dust
  8. Apply the second layer of varnish
  9. Wait for the recommended time
  10. Remove the protection


Protect the metal. If you can unscrew the handle, it’s even better.

Select your vernish. This one has a very light color, which is enough as the wood is already dark. Also, this one dry quickly, and is water based. Cleaning the tools is easy.

Final results:

(Ok, the light is not the same, but you can see how shiny it is now).

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