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Dragon's keychains. Keychain are easy and fast to make. Plus you use it on a daily basis, while for leather bags, you have to watch out for the weather.

Table of Content

  1. Templates and Inspiration
  2. Step-by-Step


Try to reproduces these two drawing on leather:

Shape of the keychain following:



For one keychain:

Tools necessary:


Approximately 4 hours

Prepating the templates

To give you an idea of the size in mm.

Cutting the leather

Optimize the space to avoid wasting leather.

Cut the piece progressively.

Remove some material with a razor under the smallest extremity so you can bent the piece of leather.

Cut the edges.

Then, burnish edges to get a smooth border.

Reproducing the drawing

Then, make the background.

After drying completely.


Pain first the background.

Apply Super-Shene on the two monsters and then apply the antic dye.

(On the photograph, with the light, the difference between the borders’s and the monsters’s color is almost invisible).

Add the final colors.


Drill holes, add the ring and finish with a rivet.

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