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Small backpack

I don't wear that much my previous shoulder bag. I often do hiking, so I wanted a bag for the moment in the forest or in the mountain.


My first bag was a shoulder bag. When you go for hiking, this is not very practical because only one of my shoulder work.

It’s better to have the weight of the back distributed properly. Here, I wanted to try to make a small backpack. You cannot put a computer, but you can put an tablet or an ipad, plus many other stuff.

Here, you will find all the steps and details of this bag.

Table of Content


Coloring the border

Adding the antic dye

Coloring the leaves veins

Coloring the dragon and the skull.



Progressively add color


Take inspiration from this key chain.

Draw the lines

Then, add flower at each intersection.

Cut the lines without cutting the flowers

Then, create relief

Color test 1: left before applying antic dye, right: after.

Color test 1 and 2. I decided to put the lighter on the front, and the darker on the back.

Add detail on the flower.

Other parts

This part would go on top to attach a large semi ring where the strip would go.

The gusset when completely relaxed.


Draw the borders and add flowers.

Use the flower location to make the holes


Final result

From the outside

From the top:

Back of the backpack

View of the gusset

Inside of the bag

The cover is painted only on the edges. You can see the screw fixing the pin.

The gusset is retracted.

The gusset is now almost completely extended.

You can put plenty of stuff in.


The strips are attached to the big half-ring.

The strips are long and adjustable.

Last one

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