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Shoulder bag - Closing (4/6)

First carved leather bag part 4 - the closing

Bag closing

Cut the leather and reproduce the same design as for the strips.

Add “fake holes”, as most of them will not be used.

Color it.

The end of the strip would be covered, so it does not need to be shaped specifically.

Top over the bottom with the strip to check if the length of the closing strip is okay.

Add the belt tip

You will need a screwdriver.

The leather doesn’t occupy all the space, which is perfectly okay.

Attach to the back / cover part the closing strip

Check if the closing strip can pass through the belt loop.

Check how the results looks like.

Only the semi-circle part of the closing strip is stitched to the back part.

Front closing

To attach the belt loop for closing the bag, we will screw the belt loop to the leather.

We add two holes in the leather. The belt loop is also drilled.


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