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Shoulder bag - Gusset (3/6)

First carved leather bag part 3 - the gusset

Preparing the gusset

  1. Cut a rectangle
  2. Draw the border
  3. Add the holes

Dye with the antic after protection.

Prepare strips for stitching indirectly the front to the gusset.

Stitch the strips to the gusset.

We use these strips as the leather is very thick and cannot be bended easily for stitching. The strips are much more thinner and flexible.

Attach for the shoulder strips

Cut the necessary length twice.

If you do not have a tool to cut belts properly, draw the shape of the edges.

Reproduce it and cut the leather edges.

Polish the borders to get them clean.

Burnish the borders.

Design the inside.

Color and apply antic dye.

Prepare the holes and stitch with a semi-ring locked in.


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